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Pure Storage claims new services will provide 'huge opportunity' for partners

Pure Storage has launched two new services that is claims will provide a "huge opportunity" for channel partners.The first new offering, Pure Fusion, is a a "self-service, autonomous storage-as-code platform" which the company claims is "built for limitless scale, lets customers bring the cloud operating model anywhere and run, operate, and consume traditional storage like a cloud service".And the second offering, called Portworx Data Services, is the "industry's first database-as-a-service platform for Kubernetes", Pure Storage claims, and "lets DevOps engineers deploy a managed, production-grade data service with the click of a button".Pure Storage says the two new offerings will "bring infrastructure and applications closer together by enabling cloud-like automation and delivery of storage"."Pure's vision of bringing simplicity and reliability to enterprise storage is evolving to delivering modern data services - as code," Matthieu Brignone, VP EMEA Channel, Pure Storage, said."Customers are looking for infrastructure which is invisible but delivers competitive advantage; self-service so they can infinitely scale; has rock solid reliability and seamless automation."Partners have a huge opportunity to differentiate themselves and reassure customers that they have anticipated future challenges in their IT investment."

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Author: Bennett)

Publish Date: 29/09/2021 16:18

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