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035 - Elevating Partner Ecosystems to the Board Room - Avanish Sahai

What's up PartnerUp! We're BACK and dropping heat with the best names & knowledge in partnerships you SHOULD have heard of. And this is a name you're not going to forget with some lessons you can take all the way to the Board Room. Did you see those logos in the title? Avanish is perhaps (and IMO undoubtedly) the most decorated B2B SaaS Partner Executive of all time. Avanish has helped lead partner programs & ecosystems for SalesForce, ServiceNow, Google Cloud and is on the Board of Directors for HubSpot. We discuss the rapid changes in B2B GTM leaving the door open for ecosystem as a competitive advantage that executives and boards are starting to wisen up to. You're going to love Avanish's cool, calm, and collected thoughts from someone who can say a thousand words in one crisp sentence. This is how a true partner executive and board representative talks partnerships and the strategic imperatives for their business. Tune in and level up your executive presence that you can take all the way to the Board Room on this very special episode of PartnerUp. Don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you get your pods on the go. And leave a FIVE STAR rating -- because I do this all for free for all of you. It's the least you can do :) If you liked the show, share the episode with your commentary on LinkedIn and hash #partnerup #partnerships. Tag us in on the post so we can comment and share back! Check out all past and future the PartnerUp episodes at and... don't forget to follow join the world's largest partnerships community at to hang out and learn with 4,000+ partnerships professionals.

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Author: PartnerUp

Publish Date: 12/10/2021 05:34

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