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Lenovo launches new server and storage portfolio

Lenovo has unveiled its new server and storage portfolio which it claims will help businesses achieve "greater" performance.The vendor's Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio encompasses the next generation of ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile, and ThinkEdge servers and storage systems.It is supported by the latest processors from AMD, Intel, and Arm-based systems.Lenovo claims this equips businesses with "greater agility, resiliency and performance".The move comes as Lenovo celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ThinkSystem x86 server."Lenovo has pioneered infrastructure solutions that have transformed entire industries for more than 30 years," said Kirk Skaugen, executive vice president, of Lenovo and president of the infrastructure solutions group."Building on this legacy, we are now delivering the broadest portfolio advancement in our history, with industry-leading performance, reliability and sustainability, all based on an open architecture that will help customers more easily harness data to solve humanity's greatest challenges."As part of the launch, Lenovo revealed its new open cloud software management platform XClarity One.This combines TruScale infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), management-as-a-Service and smarter support analytics into a unified customer portal."Lenovo XClarity One provides a modern, intuitive interface that simplifies IT orchestration, deployment, automation, metering and support from edge to cloud," a statement said."Customers benefit from visibility into infrastructure performance, usage metering and support analytics."Lenovo added that among new optimised solutions for cloud architecture include three Microsoft Azure Solutions.These include SQL for AI and machine learning (ML) insights, backup and recovery and Azure virtual desktop."We're seeing a fantastic ripple effect from the Lenovo and Everseen solutions," said Chris McCarrick, senior manager of asset protection solutions and technology at Kroger."We're already reporting fewer errors at self-checkout. Not only does this translate to reduced retail shrink, it also gives us a more accurate view of what stock is going out of the store. This allows us to stay on top of replenishing inventory, which boosts on-shelf availability for customers and ultimately increases our sales."The fifth generation of Lenovo Neptune direct water-cooling technology was also unveiled.A statement says the updated cooling extends data centre efficiency to a broader range of servers by recycling loops of warm water to cool systems and enabling customers to reduce power consumption up to 40 per cent.

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Publish Date: 23/09/2022 14:24

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