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Partnerships Unraveled I #7 I Why Partnerships fail - 4 common problems and how to fix them

We love to pretend everything is sunny in partnership land, but the reality is, sometimes things go wrong. Partnerships can sour, leaving business stagnated and end-users unhappy. In episode 7 of Partnerships Unraveled we discuss why partnerships fail. We identify 4 common problems and how to fix them – or even better make sure they never occur in the first place! Entering with the wrong intentions Successful partnerships means doing your homework, identify your Ideal Partner Profile. Be clear what you're giving and set up success plans together. The misalignment problem The best way to keep your partnerships golden? Listen! Set mutual goals with short-term successes along the way. And make sure you share quality data so that you can track it all. The Partner Engagement Gap 1 in 4 partners will drop their vendor after just a few months if sales expectations aren't met. So go for those sales together. Make sure your partners are engaged and enabled from the get-go. Trust issues So your partner cheated on you with another vendor? So what! It's a free market. Just make sure to keep those communication channels open – both ways.

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Author: Channext

Publish Date: 21/11/2022 08:00

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