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Nuzoo week in review

Lenovo ‘as-a-Service’

Lenovo this week announced a new consumption-based business model called TruScale which competes against everything-as-a-service rivals such as Dell APEX, HPE GreenLake and Cisco Plus.

It was reported across channel media that the TruScale platform brings all of the company’s as-a-service offerings, including its existing Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution under the TruScale umbrella “to provide a truly global solution that makes everything from the pocket to the cloud accessible via a single contract framework.”

Lenovo is levering strategic alliances to drive TruScale. The lineup includes Deloitte, VMware and Intel, and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) security partners Absolute Software and SentinelOne for edge to cloud environments, managed security solutions and storage infrastructure solutions, according to the company.


ForgeRock’s IPO plans

Digital identity vendor ForgeRock says its wants to use the proceeds from last week’s IPO to hire more engineers, invest in AI and double down on systems integrators.

The firm is looking to bring on more data science engineers to unlock AI capabilities that make algorithms more intelligent and can be turned into actionable steps that enhance security for customers. ForgeRock raised $275 million on a valuation of nearly $2 billion through a New York Stock Exchange public offering last Thursday morning.

“When you go public, it demonstrates that you’re playing with the big boys and you’ve got a certain level of credibility,” CEO Fran Rosch told CRN US. “And I think we’ll be able to attract even better talent.”

The company said 44 percent of its new annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2020 was sourced through leads originating from channel partners, up from 31 percent of new ARR in 2019 and just 15 percent of ARR in 2018.

“Our strong network of strategic global channel partners source and influence opportunities for us, providing leverage and execution capabilities,” the firm said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “These strategic global channel partnerships not only provide us with a significant source of lead generation but also a global network of certified and trained implementation professionals.”


Citrix’s digital transformation research

There has been much talk of accelerating digital transformation during Covid-19. However, new research from Citrix reveals that nearly half (44 percent) of UK IT decision makers are less confident in taking on digital transformation programmes due to negative past experiences.

Obtained through a study by Vitreous World, the data aimed to reveal the extent of which previous experiences impact willingness to take on new digital transformation programmes. 500 IT decision makers at large UK organisations (250+ employees) were polled, reports Comms Business.

More than half (51 percent) revealed that they had been involved in previous digital transformation programmes that hadn’t gone to plan, with 85 percent in agreement that these past experiences impacted how they approach programmes today. Fifty-eight percent said that previous digital transformation programmes had been somewhat challenging, but nearly all (94 percent) IT leaders stated that they had gone into their first digital transformation programme confident of its outcomes.

The study also indicates experiences may vary by seniority and ability to manage the associated challenges, as 35 percent of CIOs and 41 per cent of CTOs cited past experiences as ‘ideal’.

Author: Christine Horton

Publish Date: 17/09/2021 15:53

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