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Nuzoo blog: Overcoming the challenge of partner marketing

As a channel partner, how confident are you in your marketing skills? The reality is many partners can struggle with knowing where to start with their marketing.

One of the reasons for this is that most partners – particularly smaller MSPs – are techies at heart, not marketers. And as such, they often fail to prioritise marketing as a business function.

This was a topic of conversation at last month’s Channel Partners Europe, where Paul Green, founder of MSP Marketing Edge weighed in on some of the biggest challenges partners face when it comes to marketing.

“Most MSPs will freely admit that their marketing is rubbish. And the reason their marketing is rubbish is because it’s not something that they enjoy and it’s not something they prioritise. MSPs have a great business model – lots of monthly recurring revenue coming in, and clients that stay five, seven, 10 years. So that kind of model actually encourages MSPs to not really be too bothered about marketing until the point that they want to grow.”

Paul said the biggest challenge for most partners is getting into the mindset of what it’s like to be an ordinary business owner or manager.

Customers, he said, “don’t understand cybersecurity, they’re not terrified of ransomware, they don’t really understand what managed services are – it’s still just IT support to them. So the biggest challenge is looking at things from someone else’s point of view.”

Additionally, he said, there is a to throw thousands of pounds at a marketing agency – but often you can achieve a lot more doing the work yourself.

“It’s very simple three step strategy I suggest for all MSPs,” said Paul.

“The first step is to build multiple audiences. So build your audience on LinkedIn. Build your email lists, articles and followings and other social platforms such as YouTube, for example.

“The second step then is to build a relationship with those audiences. And that’s all done through educational material – just by posting social media content on a daily basis or sending out a weekly educational email. Perhaps even physically sending out a printed newsletter. Whatever it is, build a relationship with them and to commercialise that relationship.

“Call your contacts, call your leads, call your prospects and just have a conversation with them. People buy when they’re ready to buy and the challenge is finding out that exact moment. It might not be today it might not be next week, next month or next year. You’ve got to find that exact moment. Often picking up the phone and talking to them is the quickest way to find out when that moment is.”

Generating traffic and leads

Sixty-five percent of businesses describe generating traffic and leads as their biggest marketing challenge, according to channel marketing specialist Pure Channels.

The company has just released a free lead and demand generation playbook to help firms generate demand for their solutions, nurture and convert leads and build loyalty and retain customers.

It focuses for the most part on content marketing. It notes that while face-to-face events are making a welcome return since the Covid-19 pandemic, 93 percent of B2B companies say their content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

“Done properly and in tandem with other tactics, content marketing provides a fantastic return on investment for channel businesses,” notes the report.

Download the report, Driving Revenue in the Channel, to get the step-by-step guide.

Author: Christine Horton

Publish Date: 25/07/2022 10:05

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